Sunday, 23 March 2008

QUICK UPDATE: Parsing US realms (23rd March)

Just a note to let people know I have started parsing the US armory, this will likely take a few days at least so check back here soon. :)

Update Sat 29th March: The US scan finished and it scanned all 200,000 or so teams but for some reason a large number have not been saved, I will rescan as soon as the bug has been located.

Update Sunday 30th March - Bug located, scanning restarted.

Update Saturday 5th April - Scanning still ongoing (I use my works laptop and it has a dodgy PSU so I can't leave it on 24/7). I am probably about 60% of the way through (over 100,000 teams scanned). If it looks like being another week I may post some interim data based on those BGs (incl BG9) which have been completed.