Sunday, 1 June 2008

US Armory Stats - 1st Jun 2008

** UPDATED 4th JUNE **
US Armory stats for 1st June follow, in addition I have now posted a comparison chart for each bracket, however while the main chart goes to 2400+(*) I have capped the comparison chart at 2300+ as things get a bit silly above that due to the small sample size, e.g. gains of over 700% in 2v2 for rogues at 2400+.

As you can see in the comparison charts things are shaking up a bit, especially in 2v2 and 3v3 where the large gains made by Rogues (and the popularity of double melee) has had a substantial impact on warlocks who continue to fall, actually below the target levels in 3v3 and 5v5, and just inside the target zone in 2v2.

Mages have also seen substantial gains in 2v2 and 3v3 (as a result of buffs, the increase in rogues, more people playing healer+ Mage or all 3?), but these gains have had only a small impact on their lackluster performance in 2v2.

Hunters continue to do poorly in all 3 brackets, a trend which has me somewhat baffled, a druid+hunter combination is not to be laughed at. (are all the druids taken by the warriors/rogues?)

In more general terms, in 3v3 the class performance is relatively unchanged until you get 2100+ where rogues, mages and Shamans see a boost.

5v5 continues a general trend of rogue and mage gains, and a fall for warlocks. The changes are less pronounced than the other brackets however and this may be in part because fewer people are as bothered about 5v5.

Enough of my waffling, the charts are pasted below.

(* I have included 2400+ as the top-end because while the sample size is still small, there are between 120 (3v3) and 232 (2v2) people with a PR at or above this rating and I decided this warranted inclusion for now)




Friday, 30 May 2008

Quick update: Scanning US Armory

I am currently scanning the US armory so will post the new stats for US realms within the next week with any luck.

As per my usual intent, I will try and find time to do some more detailed analysis such as spec breakdowns, but I have been very busy with work and family lately so no promises.


Sunday, 18 May 2008

US TR Stats - 18th May 2008

OK, with the end of the qualifying phase fast approaching I have now rescanned the US TR armoury data. I have only shown the 3v3 chart as the 2v2 and 5v5 is a bit meaningless.

I will re-scan the US and EU armouries as we approach the end of season 3.

US TR class performance as of 18th May 2008

TR Performance Comparison 18th May vs 18th April
The following chart show how the class has changed since the 18th April stats, e.g. if a Class was 100% in April and it is now 150% then it will have seen a 50% gain, if it has gone from 100% to 50% Then it will be a -50% gain.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

TR Update - 11th May

Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you know that I have scanned the armory data but at this moment in time I have little faith in the quality of the armory data. There are teams listed with games played this week where characters have not logged in for several weeks, likewise teams with characters with no active profiles, or teams with several hundred games played this week and for the whole season (I assume these are not legit).

I am looking to see if there is a way I can verify the quality of the various players, but if anyone can confirm the activity of the top 10 on TR that might help me narrow down some options. (I could use last logged date for the players but I am not sure if the lack of profile is because the armory is out of date or the character no longer exists)


Friday, 25 April 2008

Just a quick update

Just a quick note to say that I plan to rescan the TR soon now the next phase has started, I will also be rescanning the EU realms as s4 fast approaches.

Assuming I get both of those out of the way I will then rescan the US again just prior to season end.

Friday, 18 April 2008

Tournament Realms Data - 18th April 2008

As promised here are the scan results for both US tournament realms, please note that due to the armory restrictions we are limited to the top 5000 in each bracket. Once again I have used Personal Rating as I find this provides a more accurate picture.

As expected due to the small sample size (a maximum of 5k teams per bracket) the data is more spiky than on live, and I have shown the top ratings even though there may only be one team at that rating (e.g. @2.2k+ in 3v3.)




Thursday, 17 April 2008

Tournament realms

I see the TR is now available on the armory so it looks like the class breakdown may need to wait while I scan and present the TR data here instead.

I will also use the tournament realm to analyse the class specs as we _know_ they are pvp focussed. ;)

Monday, 7 April 2008

US Stats - April 2008

UPDATE: 9th April 2008
I have adjusted the charts to show 2300+ instead of 2400+ after feedback due to the small sample size at such high ratings.

I finally got round to scanning the US armory so here we go.

US stats for entire armory: 167,534 active* teams and 390,988 active* players using Personal Rating.

*more than 0 games played

I have changed the chart to use a % similar to the data Kalgan posted, with 100% being the ideal (11.1% representation). What is obvious is just how popular druids and warrs are, with druids reaching a rather silly 240% in 2v2 @2300+.

Hope you find these useful :)




Sunday, 23 March 2008

QUICK UPDATE: Parsing US realms (23rd March)

Just a note to let people know I have started parsing the US armory, this will likely take a few days at least so check back here soon. :)

Update Sat 29th March: The US scan finished and it scanned all 200,000 or so teams but for some reason a large number have not been saved, I will rescan as soon as the bug has been located.

Update Sunday 30th March - Bug located, scanning restarted.

Update Saturday 5th April - Scanning still ongoing (I use my works laptop and it has a dodgy PSU so I can't leave it on 24/7). I am probably about 60% of the way through (over 100,000 teams scanned). If it looks like being another week I may post some interim data based on those BGs (incl BG9) which have been completed.

Monday, 25 February 2008

UPDATED EU Stats: 25th February 2008

Updated stats for all eu.armory teams (103k teams excluding those teams with 0 games played) using personal Ratings.

I have also added charts showing the difference in representation between the last stats (season 2, 24th Oct) and the current Season 3 (25th February) stats.

It is very obvious the impact that the hunter buffs have had on the brackets with gains as high as 436% at 2200 in 2v2, and 427% at 2220 in 3v3. Although this still leaves them as one of the least represented classes in all 3 brackets, I expect these numbers will continue to rise through the rest of season 3 and into season 4.

Class Representation by Rating (with normalised version)




Season 3 Class representation relative to Season 2